We want to see our conferences and events thrive and develop whilst reflecting environmental sustainability. Let’s do it together!

Everyone below has taken steps to make their business more eco-friendly. Find out what they think about greener events in the vacation rental sector.

'It’s more important than ever for our industry to bring sustainability to the forefront of the way we do business in vacation and short term rentals. Conferences have a unique opportunity to take a leadership role. Delegates, exhibitors and sponsors will increasingly look for conferences that are conscious of their environmental impact - because it’s the right thing to do and it’s good for business.'
Margot Schmorak
CEO, Hostfully
Conferences allow us a moment to reflect with peers, to celebrate what we've achieved, share our learnings, and continue to grow. But what about our legacy? What do we leave behind for those who inherit our work? Conferences play a crucial role in helping us all understand HOW to leave behind both better businesses AND a better world than we found.'
Andy McNulty
CEO, Touch Stay
'As THE convening grounds for our industry, conferences and how they are run say a lot about us as companies, and individuals. In a world where going Green is no longer optional, it's imperative that all of us, events included, move to a more deliberately sustainable way of doing business.'
Andrew McConnell,
CEO, Rented
Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the forefront of The Book Direct Show’s direction. As event organisers, we are admittedly still learning how to do more to reduce our own impact and help spread this crucial message. Collectively we owe it to ourselves, our industry and our future.
Damian Sheridan, The Book Direct Show
Damian Sheridan
Founder, Book Direct Show and Scale Rentals Show
'This thought-leadership is about creating a virtuous cycle between our vacation rental businesses and the environments in which we operate. When conference organizers make small steps that engage, the environment sustains us and communities thrive. When overlooked, that environment eats away at the foundation of everything we're building. I am proud to ask every conference that I'm attending to lead by example.'
Matt Landau
'Everyone of us can make a difference, so let’s start with our own contribution today. At the Vacation Rental World Summit we are implementing some changes to make sure the conference reflects the eco-concerns of our community.'
Antonio Bortolotti
Antonio Bortolotti
Founder, Vacation Rental World Summit
'The Destinationaire Awards 2022 are collaborating with the Book Direct Show to host an amazing event. Two businesses both committed to acknowledging our environmental impact and to lessen it where we can. The conferences and events in the short term rental sector each have a role to play in both taking clear actionable eco-friendly steps AND inspiring and educating our stakeholders.'
Will Slickers
Wil Slickers
Founder, Hospitality FM
'As a platform focusing on sustainable tourism, we see every day an increasing interest from travellers for eco-friendly vacations with hosts who are doing their best for the planet. The imperative for all businesses is to engage with the climate emergency issue. Conferences can have an important role to play in influencing every business in our industry to take action against global warming.'
Silvia Ombellini
CEO, Ecobnb
'The time for our industry to sit on the sidelines of the climate emergency has surely passed and each business needs to assess their response to it and take action accordingly. Our conferences are pivotal in this response because they are uniquely placed to influence and communicate across the diversity of our sector. I believe that the progressive conference organizers will be alert to greening their events and they have my support and encouragement.'
Leo Walton
Leo Walton
SUPERHOG, Cofounder
'As a burgeoning industry we can no longer afford to hedge when it comes to climate and sustainability. We are in a unique position as a hyper growth vertical to lead the way and lead the way we must. The time to wait is behind us. We must act and we must act now. What better way to start than through the power and the scope of our amazing conference circuit.'
Alex Alioto
Alex Alioto
Head of Growth & Partnerships, Whimstay
'Creating sustainable events is a challenge, but there are big opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint whilst adding to the attendee experience! Let's work together and find great solutions.'
Kelly Odor
Marketing Director, Bookster
'Who doesn’t want to see our conferences be greener! Some simple steps can really make a difference to A. the planet and B. what people see, hear and experience. Greener conferences will lead others in our industry to also learn and take eco-action for their business.'
Ged Brown
CEO, Low Season Traveller
'QIAS and Quality in Tourism is proud to support Tourism Declares and this initiative around sustainable conferences. Sustainable and responsible conferences/events will be part of our engagement criteria when considering what we as an organisation support, visit and speak at from now on. If you are unsure how to embed sustainability into your event, please contact us, we have helped lots of organisers and operators already.'
Deborah Heather
CEO, Quality in Tourism
'All businesses need to address the climate emergency. Business includes tourism and tourism includes our wonderful conferences. I look forward to attending conferences that also play their part in being more sustainable.'
Tara Scott
Click, Book, Stay
'All of society is realising the need to respond to the climate emergency and that includes our amazing vacation rental sector. I look forward to the day when all of our vitally important conferences play their part by being greener.'
Mark Simpson
CEO, Boostly
'My members epitomize the very best of hosts in the sector. I know that an increasing number of them feel that environmental sustainability is no longer an optional extra. Conferences have a vital role to play in leading and educating our industry.'
David Mathews
David Matthews
CEO, Further Afield
'While the changes for a better life on our planet are entering more areas every day; this is also the time for tourism, travel and events to take the lead. Showcasing green practices, inspiring our conference visitors and leading by example will give us the credibility that we can be part of the solution and not the problem. Human connections are needed and especially in this recovery period the event organizers are taking big risks to reunite us; all we need now is to deliver the events of the future – not just with titles, but with actions and inspiration.'
Lars von der Wettern
CEO, Singular Places

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